Anti-Trump Republicans have started to grow.

The Big Concrete wall is the major campaign promise of the 2016 Republican candidate, President, Donald J Trump. Even though President trump promised many other things such as middle east peace, to put Hillary clinton to jail (2nd major promise), to bring people together, to never use executive actions, to never play golf when he’ll be president, to Make America great again,  Mexico paying for the Big Wall, Having great relation with other countries, to put the best people in the whitehouse etc.. Almost 75% of everything which Trump promised was a lie though. 25% of things he did do. Cutting regulations – Done by Trump administration. Muslim Ban – Done by Trump administration. Tax cuts – Done by Trump administration.


So the First year was okay, Tax Cuts. so the Economy rose up like nothing seen before. Everyone was like, YAY! Trump Rules! Tax cuts are the best… etc.. Even at the time, some economist pointed out tax cuts for ultra rich is not good for country, it’ll raise the national debt and has no visible good for the country. The Economist also pointed out the Economy is high because it is on Drugs. It started to wear off eventually. The Job Numbers came and some were pissed  because Obama created more job in his first 18 Months than Trump in his first 18 months. Even though The nation grew at 3%, The National Debt grew so HIGH, It went 1 Trillion up in a year. It is now 22 Trillion dollar. Some Republican turned against this as He said he’ll make debt to zero. Instead he is making it even higher with Tax Cuts for the rich. 


At the same time, President says some pretty racist stuff and some other stuff like “I’m going to ask congress to make term limits longer” make him look like a dictator. That’s when a dominant Republican and MAGA Trump supporter Joe Walsh Turned ON him. Now Almost every time Trump goes out of Line, he corrects him. Many Trump Fans calls joe out everytime he critisises Trump but he know how to PUNCH BACK.  He started a resolution in Republican party. No one followed him though.

Trump continued to attack everyone from DOJ to News papers, He called Some newspapers and Media, “Enemy of the people” .No Republican cared about it. Few said it was wrong but when Trump needed a vote, they were the breaking point, instead asking asking Trump not to call Media “Enemy of the people” and etc.. The “Few” Rolled over and Played Dead. The institutions Broken and Trump was not a Law and order president any more. Republican party still support him. Now Fast forward to the Shutdown. It made trumps approval ratings drop like Dead. Then Bipartisan made a deal. It gave Trump wall 1.3 B $. Trump asked for 8 B . The original cost was 25B $ . Now if he signs the bipartisan bill. He can say goodbye to Wall. He signs the Bill and Declares national emergency. Knowing there’s going to be NO WALL. Ann Coulter – A Long time Republican MAGA Flips out.


The Wall has become so major issue that Foxnews pundits/ Radio host has pushed a BIG Republican crowd into. Once Supreme court says that this emergency is dumb and Trump can’t build a wall without asking the congress. Congress has rejected it. Many are going to turn on him. It may sound DUMB and stupid. Wall can End Trump’s presidency. Supreme court has it now. The Trumps success or failure as a Republican is now in hands of supreme court. It’ll take at least 6 Months. So Hang On. As soon as the supreme court says it, The Normal republican  critics noise will get louder. The voice of George conway, Mitt Romney, Marco rubio, etc…

Trump has 78% Approval rating amoung Republicans now, It is about to go way down.


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