Bhutanese Architect Dzong( Fotress)

Bhutan is know to the world for her rich culture and traditions. Bhutan has maintained her cultural heritages intact even after opening the door to modernization. half a century after opening doors to modernization Bhutan has remained firm in its art and architectures. Apart from the modern roads, and automobiles and recent technologies, Bhutanese Architecture has remained identical to the past except for the use of modern materials.

The historical structures in the country are the Dzongs (Fortress) which is spread around the country. It was once the seat of powerful warlords of the region and now it is used as the office of the administrative and religious head of the state. There are 20 states and each state has a Dzong(fortress) seating the Dzongdha (head of the district) and the head of district religion.

They were meant to withstand the forces of wars. It is gigantic in structure and it represents the Bhutanese art and culture. Dzongs are located at a strategic point in each district or states, and it is an integral part of Bhutanese Architect. It has historical significance and still an important seat for the government.

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