Definitions and principles of marketing, Part 1. Introduction

Everywhere you come to you. In the courtyard, at the door, when crossing the pavement, on the highway, the pages of the newspaper, the magazine, and in all visual and audio devices, colorful and vivid, large and small, every day and every hour, time and timeless, unfinished and Tied in all the life of the tin!

Today we are in the age of communication. A period marked by the struggle for universal beliefs. When the presence of satellite and computer networks in the distance between the planets is not understood, so that, every minute, thousands of new products enter the market globally that are more complete and efficient than before, and manufacturers are trying to Find markets for your products. Also, the specialization of businesses has made citizens more dependent on receiving a variety of services from a variety of institutions. These days, there may be less for a person to live alone. The concept of self-sufficiency and self-sufficiency of the “versatile” engineer every day loses its true meaning more than ever.
Indeed, the need for specialist training to fulfill occupational obligations is a need that becomes more complex every day and deprives the opportunity to do personal and daily low-value jobs in large cities. This is where adverts come and put them to the easiest to the most complex routine.
What is advertising? What are its goals and its significance? When did you start? What are all the current ones? What is advertizing? And what is a successful ad? These are the materials that are discussed in this article.

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