Do you think earth warming climate is important?

The Paris Conference on Land Depletion is one of the best achievements of human beings on improving the Earth’s climate. But the president of the United States, Donald Trump, got out of the way and shook it. So that other countries also argue that when the United States does not adhere to this agreement and, as it exits, it will improve its business, why do not we go out and do not pay more attention to the economic situation of our country? This is a fundamental question. “The agreement will cost US workers and taxpayers, jobs will be lost, wages will be lowered, factories shut down, and US economic output will be weakened,” Tramp told reporters in a statement that the Paris agreement is costly for the American people.

He emphasized that the implementation of the treaty will eliminate more than two and a half million jobs by 2025.

The reasons for Tramp’s action, as well as the reality of the Paris agreement, have been evaluated in an interview with some experts. Abolfazl Zohrahvand is an expert on political and international issues. Details are given below.

Tramp’s withdrawal from the Paris deal was to save America from the economic crisis

“Breeze online”: What was the reason for Tramp’s departure from the Paris agreement?

Noon: Mr. Tramp’s move to his electoral post is about removing the United States from stagnation, unemployment and economic problems that could put the country on the verge of a crisis.

Tramp recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and was able to impose a multibillion-dollar deal on retaliatory states, and on returning to maneuver, “I was able to bring back some of the money we spent in the Middle East crisis.”

The Paris agreement will cost the countries

The Paris climate agreement also has a number of costs to countries, and countries will have to pay a share based on the share of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that would be very costly for a country like the United States that has the first place in greenhouse gas emissions, and If the United States wants to change its manufacturing and manufacturing patterns in line with the reduction of these gases, it will certainly entail heavy costs, which is unlike the policy pursued by Mr Tramp. So the tramp has decided on the internal requirements of his own country.

The Paris deal forces us to make greenhouse gas damage by 2024.

The other point is that we have signed and signed the agreement, however now, although Mr Tramp’s position is not confirmed or denied by this measure, but the fact is that we are faced with outrageous sanctions, the notion of these outrageous sanctions is that the conditions of production It will cost us a lot in our country, so it will not be possible for us until 2024, when we promise, to harmonize our greenhouse gas emissions with greenhouse gas, and then, according to the agreement, we should pay a contribution to the share of greenhouse gases we share. .

Instead of urging the agreement to be signed, sanctions should first be lifted in technology transfer

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