Does Jim carry belives in god ?

Jim Carry

Yes, Jim carry believes in god but Jim carry’s definition of God is different from what other religion has portrayed. For Jim Carrey, God is Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, every god you can think of + Positivity. When asked about religion, Jim Carry said.

I’m a Buddhist, I’m a Christian, I’m a Muslim, I’m whatever you want me to be. It all comes down to the same thing…”  . 

“They talk about omnipresence in church and nobody really thinks about what that means. What it means is every cell in your body is God. Everything is God. Everything is divine. When you do good things and transcend the negativity and attempt to do something positive, you are the heart of God, the eyes of God. When you speak from that place you are God’s voice. When you make a loaf of bread in this kitchen that is a Eucharist. You are blessing people with your work…That is the body of Christ.”  – Jim Carry on God. 

So to Add up, Does Jim carry Believes in God ?  yes, He Believes in God but it’s complicated.

Some History about, Jim carry was born as a Catholic Christian on  January 17, 1962  in Ontario, Canada. Jim Carry didn’t finish his High school because his father lost his job. So Jim started to take care of the family, after several failed attempts. He became a stand up comedian and found his stardom in “ACE VENTURA” in 1992.

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