Evaluation of biological environmental impact

1.Identification of the potential biological impacts of the construction and/or
operation of the proposed project of activity, including habitat changes or loss of
chemical cycling and toxic events, and dismptions to ecologi~al succession;
2. Description of the environmental setting in terms of habitat types, selected floral
and faunal species, management practices, endangered or threatened species, and
special features (such as wetlands);
3. Procurement of relevant laws, regulations or criteria related to biological resources
and protection of habitat or species;
4. Conducting of impact prediction activities including the use of analogies
(case studies), physical modeling and/or mathematical modeling, as based on
professional judgment;
5. Use of pertinent information from step 3, along with professional judgment and
public input, to assess the significance of anticipated beneficial and detrimental
impacts: and
6. Identification, deveiopment and incorporation of appropriate mitigation measures
for the adverse impacts.

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