Is there really god or gods?

This question has been constantly asked over the entire history of mankind. We have been asking if there is God or not and if there is one where does they exist?? From my opinion I strongly believe the existence of god, there should be a creator for this world. Our world works with an order and everything has been created and so we need a creator for such complex processes and phenomenon. So there must be a creator for such a creation such as our earth. I don’t know what color, shape, or where does the god or gods live, but I strongly believe the existence of God. And about the creator of God, we know in nature there is always exception to a law and this applies to the Realm of Gods. The first god was born out of nothingness and hence the origin of the world started.

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  1. I agree with your post. I don’t believe in any religion but i believe in the existence of god.

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