is Trump goes right way about Iran?

Donald Tramp president of THE US had try to come sanctions on Iran regime again . is this true ? on one side it is true because the Iranian regime encourages it’s people to look at THE US such as a big enemy . but the people of Iran do not agree that any more . in other side sanctions cause hard life to Iranian people . US Dollar reached 200000 Rial of Iran . and cost of any thing in Iran such as food or cure cost or drugs became more and more. this is make life for that people . but people of Iran are paying cost of their false choose. but a large group of people in Iran like president of America and call him Lionhearted Donald . even when Trump came back the sanctions a Hash tack on social media was bold and tagged named”Trump Thank You . we are Hostages” . this sentence was told by Trump on lecher at UNITED NATIONS . I think subject is so complicated . is Trump goes right way about Iran or European countries ?


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