Save Venezuela from it’s Dumbass president.

Venezuela, a Country in South America which is in a grave breakdown which has a inflation of 10000% . Venezuela population is 31,568,179, around 22-25% of the population has left the country now. The Lack of Food and Medicine has made Venenzuala’s people furious. This Let to protest and a new leader emerge in the  Juan Guaido ( Opposition leader and self proclaimed president of Venezuela). Fast farward two weak later. Now US puts sanctions on Venezuela again making their oil market to crumble. In the mist of all this, European union asked Venezuela’s president Madoro  to conduct new elections. President refused. Erupean union is going to place sanctions too if this continues.

In the mist of no food, Many European non profit has agreed to give food to Venezuela, But Madoro disagreed with their request to Give FREE FOOD. Now US has offered to give aid to Venezuela no matter what. Here’s US Senator Rubio on Venezuela border :

US trying to Meddle into other people’s affairs is not new but giving poor food is great, If the leader is a Dumbass, Remove him. Madro is actually little brilliant. He knows that if he didn’t give food to army, He’ll kill him. So he gives food only to Army and their family. They are loyal for now but he’ll be targeted all time.


Solution : Peace with the World & Referendum.

Only way there’s going to be peace in Venezuela is if a referrendum is conducted with regards to election and the next president is willing to accept aid from West. Saying at least for publicity, “The Troubles are over. Socialism is Over. We are open for business. ” 

A word for US and European union, Don’t Give someone a fish, Teach them how to catch fish.  All other aid groups, Thank you! 🙂 

As long as Maduro is the president, The Troubles will most likely continue Sadly, Referendum is MUST for Peace. #Resign


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