The peaceful Warrior

After watching the movie “The Pacific Warrior” I managed to notice his Humanist and Existential character, this leaves him another the actions of the main protagonist that is usually guided by his conscience in search of the true sense of life, focusing mainly on the capabilities, aspirations and limitations of the individual, where the same limitations are masked and manifested through the dream of the protagonist of the film (generating difficulties in the dream).
The sense of life that they speak to us tells us that the meaning must be sought in the experienced social environment and therefore can not be found through reasoning or reflection, what makes us have or generate a vision of life itself that we help to deal with situations better, it is also evident at the moment when the protagonist suffers an accident, which results in a fracture in the leg so that he can not return to be a gymnast, which causes frustration by entering conflict when you can not fulfill your dreams.
On the other hand, by searching for its essence, questions are generated such as: who is really, who believes to be, what is the meaning or purpose of his life, what pushes him to seek his own answers based on himself, leaving a side the social context that influences him; It can also be shown that there are certain irrational ideas in it such as fear of failure or not being talented enough to achieve their goals, these ideas are manifested in sleep making it difficult to reconcile sleep for a few days, although as a relevant aspect we see that in his dreams (he is in the Olympics doing his acrobatics and falls badly fracturing his leg) which has a great relationship with reality, since later a similar event occurs that makes it impossible to participate in the Olympics.

We see that living in the “Here and Now” has a Gestalt approach is the central idea of ​​the film where Socrates helps Dan eliminate all irrational ideas, beliefs of himself, so that in this way he can focus on the present, eliminating the worries of the past and the anxiety that represents a future, the phrase used in the film is “when you are really here and now you will be amazed at what you can do and how well you will do it”.

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