Ways to prevent Electoral malpractice.

The consequences of electoral malprice is devastating to the country and it’s people. The wrong person gets the job and gets the works done wrong and causes a series of losses and disruption of the economy and harmony of a community or country. So it is very important and necessary to curb out the electoral malpractices when the root is not deep. So following are the ways to curb our electoral malpractices.

  1.  Strict rules and laws for offences of electoral malpractices.
  2. Education. Power of education is always overwhelming and if the population is educated nobody can be fooled by corrupt political parties and hence no mal practices in the elections.
  3. Reforms in the infrastructure and resource in the election process.
  4.  Deploy the right person for the right job. An electoral offices should be selected with the person who is best known for honesty and clean of corruptions.

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